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インフィニティ キングダム-諸王の戦争【アイケイ】 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application –

『インフィニティ キングダム-諸王の戦争』(略称:アイケイ)は、英霊と呼ばれる歴史上の偉人や英雄を率いて、ドワーフ軍団から失われた大地を奪還し、王国の栄光を取り戻すのが物語の目標となる。









■ Game introduction
In Infinity Kingdom-War of the Kings (abbreviation: Ikei), the goal of the story is to lead historical greats and heroes called eirei to recapture the lost land from the dwarven corps and regain the glory of the kingdom. Become.
The player chooses the kingdom that suits him from the three major kingdoms on the divided Nolan continent and becomes the lord. As a lord, proceed with the management of your territory and technical research, create a powerful unit just for you, and take the throne of the king!
Achieve the kingdom conquest, which is the pinnacle of the three great kingdoms, and win the battle with the fierce men of the world!

■ Great spirits gather
More than 50 spirits from civilizations and history from all over the world have appeared in the game!
From the heroes familiar in Japan such as Himiko, Minamoto no Yoshitsune, and Sanada Yukimura, the world-famous greats such as Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, Marlin, and Robin Hood are gathered!
If you make good use of the spirits with powerful skills, you can achieve the best performance! Summon the spirits to save the kingdom!

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■ Powerful dragons wake up from sleep
A powerful “dragon” hides in the mysterious dragon cave …
You can even overwhelm your enemies by awakening the dragon and joining the unit.

There are 7 types of attributes, water, fire, earth, lightning, wind, light and darkness, and the spirits and dragons will skillfully utilize the conflicting relationships of the attributes to formulate strategies and create the one and only strongest unit!

■ Explore the world with a magnificent map
A magnificent world map realized with 3D graphics!
Embark on a world-wide adventure, such as archaeological reconnaissance and voyage exploration!
Can you find and get the treasure that sleeps in this world?

■ Do domestic affairs and develop territory
Raising the level of buildings such as resource areas, training grounds, hospitals, and academies will lead to increased resource profits and increased troop strength.
If you show your domestic affairs and set your footing perfectly, you will have an advantage in battle, and you will be one step closer to conquering the kingdom.

■ Battle system that makes you sweat
Use a wide variety of tactics such as siege, assault, and ambush to win the battle!
Make good use of reconnaissance to gain the advantage of your enemies and join forces with your friends to reach the top of the kingdom!
In addition, let’s have a spectacular battle on a real-time map with strong players from all over the world beyond the sea!

■ Friends gathering from all over the world
Participating in the “Alliance” both globally and between Japanese people will lead to a great promotion of the growth of the force and territory.
You can participate in various contents such as alliance technology, alliance quests, and alliance territories!
Beginner lords are encouraged to join the alliance!
With the translation function built into chat, you can interact more easily across language and nationality barriers, so you can enjoy the game from a different angle!

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インフィニティ キングダム-諸王の戦争【アイケイ】 Installed 50,000+
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