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戦国花札合戦 【戦国武将と花札でこいこい!】 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application –

■ 戦国花札がRPGに進化「戦国花札合戦とは」 ■



■ ステージ数50以上!武将数100名以上! ■


■ 武将を集めて、レベルアップさせて、進化させて、強くする ■

■ 計略を発動させてダメージのカンストを目指せ!■

■ その他機能も盛りだくさん! ■

◆ 旧版「戦国花札」をお楽しみ頂いた方へ
■ Sengoku Hanafuda evolves into RPG “What is Sengoku Hanafuda Battle?” ■
Sengoku Hanafuda Battle is a Hanafuda RPG that fights against Sengoku warlords. It is a free Hanafuda that competes with more than 100 Sengoku warlords.

The rules for Hanafuda are Koi-Koi. The screen is designed so that even people who have never played Koi-Koi can operate it intuitively, so they can learn it immediately.

While keeping the rules of Hanafuda Koi-Koi, the damage value is calculated by adding elements such as the military commander’s strength and attack power to the number of sentences of the raised role. If you set the strength of the battle commander to 0 before your strength becomes 0, you win!

■ Over 50 stages! Over 100 military commanders! ■
The number of game stages of Hanafuda is 50 or more! Stages will be added at any time! In addition to the usual Koi-Koi Hanafuda “Quest Battle”, we have prepared an event stage for the advent of the warlord and a ranking stage where you can compete with other players for maximum damage.

More than 100 Sengoku warlords will appear! It is equipped with different game logic for each military commander. Each military commander, such as a military commander who is not afraid, a military commander who collects only strips, can challenge the game with a unique fighting style, so please enjoy the highly strategic Hanafuda.

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■ Collect military commanders, level up, evolve, and strengthen ■
Sengoku Hanafuda Battle is a Hanafuda that gathers Sengoku warlords and organizes troops to fight. Strengthen your warlords and evolve them to create the strongest troops!

■ Activate the strategy and aim for damage! ■
Warlords have a special effect called strategy. When the strategy is activated, the damage will increase, the damage received will decrease, and you will be able to win more advantageously.

■ Lots of other functions! ■
I want to enjoy Hanafuda with the Sengoku warlords normally! We have a free game for such people. Select “Free Game” from the menu “Other”.

◆ For those who enjoyed the old version of “Sengoku Hanafuda”
With the renewal update, the old version of Sengoku Hanafuda will no longer be available. Thank you for your understanding in advance.

Game/App Requirement 4.0 and up
戦国花札合戦 【戦国武将と花札でこいこい!】 Installed 100,000+
Rating of 戦国花札合戦 【戦国武将と花札でこいこい!】 MOD APK 4.8
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