聖鬥士星矢:正義傳說 1.0.44 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked)

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聖鬥士星矢:正義傳說 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Download

Image of 聖鬥士星矢:正義傳說 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application 1.0.44 MOD APK PremiumUnlocked
Game/Application 聖鬥士星矢:正義傳說 Role Playing
Playstore Id com.hoolai.seiyaoversee.gg
Version New
Size 50+MB

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聖鬥士星矢:正義傳說 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application –

冥王甦醒,日蝕降臨!《聖鬥士星矢》漫畫正版授權,直向放置型手遊《聖鬥士星矢 正義傳說》全新版本冥王篇開啟!

【正版授權 重溫漫畫原作】

【即時戰鬥 超燃必殺爆發】

【全員集結 打造最強陣容】

【豪華聲優助陣 重燃熱血】

【戰前策略佈陣 極限翻盤】

【遊戲玩法豐富 享受樂趣】
Pluto wakes up, the eclipse is coming! “Saint Seiya” is authorized by the original comics, and the new version of the “Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice”, a new version of the Hades chapter, is now open!
Break the wall of sighs, break into the Pure Land of Bliss, and save Athena once again! Unlock the Mingyi skin, compete for peak combat skills, old players return to exclusive benefits, and there are more gifts for logging in to the game!

[Genuine authorization to review the original comics]
“Saint Seiya” comics are authorized to reproduce the classic plot with high-quality graphics. Lead the people of Seiya to face the underworld fighters in the twelfth house; bravely enter the underworld, save the goddess, and regain the light! An immersive copy of the story, arouse the blood sleeping in your heart!

[Instant Combat, Super Combustion Must Kill Outbreak]
The first mobile game of “Saint Seiya” with a straight placement method, you can stop when you play. The ultimate 3D graphics, showing real-time battles. Move your fingers to release the original super classic killer. Tianma Meteor Fist, Lushan Shenglongba, Lightning Light Speed ​​Fist, Saint Seiya’s super-burning stunts broke out!

[All members gather to create the strongest lineup]
Assemble! Hades, the underworld king, has 108 underworld fighters! Radamandis, the two gods of death and sleep will appear in the Hades chapter one after another! Collect all the Saint Seiya characters to form the strongest lineup of guarding the goddess!

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[Luxury voice actors help rekindle blood]
Fully dubbed in Japanese, performing classic nirvana stunts. The original sound once again ignites the blood memory of everyone when they were young! People from Ishikawa, Yuki Kaji, Takahiro Sakurai, Natsuki Hana, Tomokazu Sugita, Maaya Sakamoto, Jun Fukuyama, Akira Ishida… dozens of super-top Japanese voice actors, a luxurious lineup, lead players back to the sanctuary, brave the underworld, and let the small universe burn again !

[Pre-war strategic layout, extreme comeback]
Collect the characters of “Saint Seiya”, freely choose the battle fighters, and combine them to form a golden lineup exclusively for you! There are six types of astrology: water, fire, wind, earth, light, and darkness. There are four categories: attack, defense, thought power, and assassin; attribute restraint and skill control. There is no strong Saint Seiya here, only a stronger lineup combination. The bronze saints counterattack the golden saints, staged the battle myth of the ultimate comeback!

[Rich game play, enjoy fun]
With the most suitable Saint Seiya battle lineup, you can break into purgatory and break into the Pure Land of Bliss; experience fighter trials, memory time and space, and illusion labyrinth; dominate the galaxy arena in the arena, and guild members participate in the challenge together. A variety of fun ways to play, refuse to repeat and be boring!
《聖鬥士星矢》官方正版授權,回味童年記憶。聖鬥士全部集結,爭奪聖衣、 冥王甦醒,日蝕降臨!直向放置型手遊《聖鬥士星矢 正義傳說》全新版本冥王篇開啟!打破歎息之墻,攻入極樂淨土,再一次拯救雅典娜!解鎖冥衣皮膚,比拼巔峰戰技,老玩家回歸專屬福利,登陸遊戲還有更多好禮!

Game/App Requirement 4.4 and up
聖鬥士星矢:正義傳說 Installed 100,000+
Rating of 聖鬥士星矢:正義傳說 MOD APK
ID com.hoolai.seiyaoversee.gg


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