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Are you ready to be the best shooter of FPS Counter Terrorist Squad? Play Gun War Shoot Strike like a pro commando.
Its offline fps gun games full of fast paced action shooting. You will enter in fierce crossfires of anti terrorist gun war shoot games. Play all the counter terrorist strike missions for free.
Terrorists have taken hold of the city and now they are planning to widen their parameter to other cities. If their influenced reached other areas of the nation, then the destruction of the country is inevitable. So, it is time for the US Army commandos’ forces to take some solid steps in order to counter terrorists. Therefore in FPS Counter Terrorist Squad: Gun War Shoot Strike, armed Commandos are assigned a secret anti terrorists fps operation.

Thus, this modern gun games 2022 is all about real fps shooting action with highly trained commandos doing first person shooting. The first counter terrorist mission in anti-terrorist shooting gun games 2022 is the most interesting. After the terrorists’ hideout and secret camps are identified then Special Forces team will be dispatched for terrorists shoot out. You will be part of this team in this war games 2022. Secrecy is very important during these missions, because if the terrorists will know your location then your survival will become impossible in FPS Counter Terrorist Squad: Gun War Shoot Strike. So, by strategically planning the whole mission, you will be able to get through each hideout or camp of terrorists in this offline shooting games 2022.

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Civilian and important government officials are taken as hostages in this counter terrorists gun games. Buy some time in rescue missions of fps gun shoot war. You will be at a very sensitive situation and challenging scenario in gun shooting games. Find hostages and then secretly clear the area of terrorists in Gun War Shoot Strike war games. After that, free the hostages in this free fps action games. It might seem easy but as you will be playing this fps shooting games you will know how difficult it will be for you to clear the area and ensuring the survival of your Counter terrorist squad. This battlefield will be won only if you will shoot accurately with your sniper weapons, face the cover 3d fire, killing terrorists and ensuring your Counter terrorist squad survival. All this will be the best time you will have in a Special Forces action games.

If you accomplish your previous Commandos mission then, you will come face to face with the most difficult and challenging missions. Now as your fps shooting is polished, your counter terrorist squad has faced some challenge and they are ready for infinite shooting in counter terrorist shooting games 2022. You will now do the Gun War Shoot Strike Operation. In this Operation, the intelligence will be able to trace the location of the real boss behind the terrorist and now after their failure as caused by your heroic efforts is now coming to town in this grand war games. His real purpose is to gather the terrorists that have been left and strike the military commando base with all the force. This will be a strong military attack gun battle in this critical gun strike shooting games. You will be assigned a task to eliminate him even before he is able to gather all the terrorists. You will be dropped at his safe house with heli with only two members of your counter terrorist squad. You will get to the guards without alarming others till you take down the major gangster in this offline war games. This final battle will ensure military survival and your counter terrorist operation will be successful in this offline fps gun games 2022.

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