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Game/Application Dino Challenge Action
Playstore Id com.vitafun.dino4p
Version New
Size 50+MB

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Dino Challenge MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application –

Dinosaurs once ruled the world, but who is the King that rules the Dinosaurs?
Spinosaurus? No!
Triceratops? No!
T-Rex? Not sure…

To find out the answer, 10 Dinosaurs will compete in 8 exciting and challenging minigames. The winner will be, of course, King of the Dinosaurs!

It can be T-Rex. It can be Spinosaurs. It can be Triceratops. It can even be Baby T-Rex. It can also be…YOU!

So let’s back to The Jurassic, be a Dinosaur and play with Dinosaurs!
Let’s take the Dino Challenge!!!

☆ Math Genius
☆ Hungry Dinos
☆ Noisy Dancers
☆ Basketegg
☆ Cannon Panic
☆ Count the Birds
☆ Lava Jump
☆ Treasure Hunters

☆ Baby T-Rex
☆ Carcharodontosaurus
☆ Hesperosaurus
☆ Spinosaurus
☆ Agilisaurus
☆ Stegosaurus
☆ Velociraptor
☆ Huayangosaurus
☆ Triceratops
☆ T-Rex

Game/App Requirement
Dino Challenge Installed 50K+
Rating of Dino Challenge MOD APK
ID com.vitafun.dino4p


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