Eternal:永恆聖約 1.5.0 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked)

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Eternal:永恆聖約 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Download

Image of Eternal:永恆聖約 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application Eternal 1.5.0 MOD APK PremiumUnlocked
Game/Application Eternal:永恆聖約 Role Playing
Playstore Id com.sevensenses.eternal
Version New
Size 50+MB

ScreenShot of Eternal:永恆聖約 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application

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Eternal:永恆聖約 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application –

《ETERNAL:永恆聖約》是一款由日本打造、挑戰極致遊戲體驗的MMORPG。經歷日本四次CBT測試打磨、甫於日本正式上線隨即引爆熱烈話題!玩家可以盡情享受天野喜孝畫筆下的神奇國度、一窺Online Game般豐富內容及爽快戰鬥等流暢遊戲畫面,馬上加入體驗最正統的日製MMORPG手遊!

【正統日製JRPG 刻劃恢宏遊戲世界】

【全景開放地圖 身歷其境奇幻國度】

【經典職業設定 一角三玩職業特性】

【日系捏臉系統 輕鬆打造專屬角色】

【真人職業配對 找回深度副本樂趣】

【號召軍團盟友 團結冒險不再孤單】

【生產系統 享受豐富遊戲人生】

“ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant” is an MMORPG created by Japan that challenges the ultimate gaming experience. After four CBT testing and polishing in Japan, it immediately exploded hot topics when it was officially launched in Japan! Players can enjoy the magical country under Yoshitaka Amano’s brush, get a glimpse of the smooth game screens such as the rich content of Online Game and refreshing battles, and immediately join and experience the most orthodox Japanese-made MMORPG mobile game!

[Orthodox Japanese JRPG engraves the magnificent game world]
The Japanese production team lasted 3 years to construct a complete fantasy world: “Notrenia Sacred Country” and “Otto Alliance” have accumulated conflicts over the years, and the war that touches them. Is it wrong to seek completeness or confrontation? In order to protect your homeland, go online immediately and pick up weapons with your friends to protect the continent of Logusia!

[Panoramic Open Map, Immersed in the Fantasy Country]
The unfettered 3D full-view open map, from the vast field, the fantasy light and shadow of the world tree at night to the ripples of the gurgling stream, combined with the “breathing scene” system that changes with time and weather, more realistic weather and light and shadow conversion effects , Makes you feel like you are in the fantasy realm of “ETERNAL: Eternal Covenant”.

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[Classic career settings, one dime, three play career features]
The classic class settings of “tank attack” are used: the “warrior” who is good at one-handed attack, the “mage” who is in charge of long-range attack, the “priest” who assists the team, or the “palladin” who is good at tank attack. There are three different characteristics. The holy knight that protects teammates can assist in blood supplementation, the priest can also supplement the blood, and can also be used for field control. With high-free skills and points, one corner and three play, play your own exclusive gameplay!

[Japanese face pinching system to easily create exclusive characters]
Personalized angle creation system, free to create your ever-changing posture, in addition to basic gender, skin color, face shape, body shape, hairstyle, hair color, it also includes exclusive Japanese styles: elven ears, cat ears, animal eyes and even heterochromatic pupils. More than a thousand kinds of combinations can be matched freely to show your own style and create your own characters!

[Real-time professional matching to find the fun of deep copy]
Get rid of the brainless dungeon that is overwhelmed by combat power, with a unique single-player matching system, distinctive professional features and dungeon positioning. According to different occupations and characteristics, players can choose the appropriate professional positioning for matching. Many people work together to overthrow the powerful bosses in the dungeon and seize the rare god outfits. There is no strongest profession, everyone is an indispensable member of the team!

[Call on allies of the Legion, unite and adventure no longer alone]
Whether it’s a group copy, a map adventure or a red revenge, it is inevitable to share the glory with friends! As long as you become a member of the legion, you can upgrade the level of the legion and enhance the skills of the legion through specific activities, so that your usual combat ability can be greatly improved. You can also use your own patterns and frames to make your legion badges. Call on like-minded partners to make your army grow stronger!

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[Production system, enjoy a rich game life]
Tired of the game life of fighting and killing? In addition to the exciting battle and dungeon gameplay, the game also has a rich production system such as gathering and hunting, or a cool pet adventure partner and mount system. Whether you want to become a craftsman or a hunting master who satisfies your desire to collect, Can fully enjoy the fun and achievements outside of combat.

【Official Information】
Fan group:
Official website:

Game/App Requirement 7.0 and up
Eternal:永恆聖約 Installed 50,000+
Rating of Eternal:永恆聖約 MOD APK
ID com.sevensenses.eternal


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