From Pawn to King – Idle RPG 4.9.3 APK MOD


From Pawn to King – Idle RPG APK MOD (Latest Version) Download

From Pawn to King – Idle RPG APK MOD

Game/App ID com.towardmobile.fromsoldiertoking
Name From Pawn to King – Idle RPG
Requires 7.1
Size Various
Version Latest
Users 6+
Install 10,000+
Rating 3.1

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An Idle RPG where you can have endless fun collecting and advancing heroes and weapons.
Create your own army to save the land and go from a Pawn to a King.
Meet characters with powerful auras from the webtoon and web novel in the game!

I’ve come back to the day I lost my arm, 24 years ago.
This time, I will do anything to save my friends who were maimed and killed 24 years ago!
With my knowledge! With my experience! With my power!

The Idle RPG that’s more exciting than any other, ‘From Pawn to King’!

Easy and intuitive controls. Simple to understand. A game that anyone can play!!!
Immerse yourself and have fun, wherever you might be in these busy times. Just leave the game to run by itself and kick back!!!

Explore and discover mysterious Dungeons. Go on expeditions far and wide in search of hidden Heroes!!
Various bosses, dungeons, free daily draws, free Hero draws, and even free Weapon draws!!

Easy and simple Idle RPG: From Pawn to King!!

▶ Enhance Heroes through nurturing them!
Easy and simple controls! Intuitive advancement system.
Heroes and weapons stack up like crazy by themselves!
Collect warriors, hero characters, and weapons!

▶ Raid content : Breathtaking battles with powerful bosses will push you to your limit!
Daily Raid and Elite Raid!! Powerful bosses await you!
Breathtaking battles with powerful rulers like Skull King, Ancient Colossus Golem, Scion of Dragon, and Knight of Steel!
Each ruler uses unique, and extremely powerful, skills!
Special rewards await you upon defeating a powerful ruler.

▶ Combie Mine materials & powerful artifact accessories.
The mining won’t stop even when you’re away. You can synthesize powerful Artifacts using mined materials.
Collect artifact accessories to become all powerful and defeat the enemies.

▶ Heroes grow stronger by obtaining Gold and EXP Scrolls, even while you’re away!
IDLE system that means you’ll continuously advance even while offline!
You can go from a Pawn to a King by simply playing 10 minutes a day.
Deploy and strengthen heroes strategically to make your army stronger.

▶ Go from a Pawn to a King.
Reincarnated Chris had a dream of becoming a King.
Break through your limits by using promotions. Unlock hero and weapon level restrictions to become a King.
Promotion matches help you go from a Pawn to a King!

▶ Build an army worthy of a King by collecting heroes! (Build a mighty army!)
Lind, Digo, Ax, Halken Ludwig, Tekil… Reunite with Chris’s precious companions from the original story!
Fallmoon Knights of Wolves, Ancine Lisones, and even Bandit Jarmun! Recruit even hostile heroes as your companions!
Many cool heroes from the original webtoon and web novel!

▶ The game will regularly receive continuous updates.
New stages, heroes, and weapons will be added from the webtoon series.
Please stay tuned for the new content!

– Advance your heroes quickly using high-speed mode.
– Fight a different ‘Boss’ in each stage!
– Use the breath taking skills of the support heroes!
– Complete various quests everyday to receive rewards!
– The longer you leave your heroes idle, the stronger they become. Collect heroes and aim to be number 1 in the rankings.

This is a fun and highly addictive Idle RPG.

One who leads other knights into battle, overpowers the enemy and unites all with their charisma.
One who is born with a virtue and strength that appeals to the masses.
The world calls such people Kings.
-From Pawn to King
Developer contact: +82-070-8827-8780
[email protected]

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