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Human Playground Sandbox APK MOD

Game/App ID com.ragdoll.playground.sandbox
Name Human Playground Sandbox
Requires 5.1
Size Various
Version Latest
Users 238+
Install 1,000,000+
Rating 3.3

Human Playground Sandbox Game APK MOD (Latest Version) – Human playground sandbox is a physics sandbox playground where you can do whatever you want, from experimenting with weapons over melon and dummy ragdoll to building cars and houses, in our Human Ragdoll Playground Sandbox there are no limits to creativity!

Features of our Human Ragdoll Playground Sandbox & physics sandbox playground:
Realism – we did a lot of work to make the Human playground sandbox be like in life, so in our ragdoll playground sandbox dummy ragdoll can have bruises or bleed, as well as limbs can fly off or bones can break from hard hits.

Human Functionality or dummy ragdoll & physics ragdoll – In our ragdoll playground sandbox you can dress the dummy ragdoll in different clothes, inject them, change their size, shape and physics, give them weapons, as well as use walking and crouching animations.

Weapons and explosives – human playground sandbox games can offer you more than 20 types of weapons and explosives, ranging from revolvers and grenades to RPG and flamethrower, each weapon shoots differently and makes its own sound when fired, it can cause damage to living creatures and dummy radgoll and melon ragdoll, as well as when shot with dynamite, grenades or a barrel of gas is an explosion, so be careful on people playground!

Mechanisms and Cars – Every physics sandbox playground and people playground must contain mechanisms and our Human playground sandbox is no exception, we have jet engines, propellers, wheels, engines, lamps, lanterns and more than 7 types of cars for every taste and color. So here you can build your own helicopter or even build a rocket and send a dummy ragdoll or melon ragdoll into space! And maybe make a ramp and fly at full speed on it and fall into the pool! A reminder that there are no limits to creativity in our Ragdoll Playground Sandbox!

Additional Features :
Time Stop – if you need to arrange items but they fly away, then just turn off the time and arrange, connect and rotate items as you need
Highlighting items – If you need to reproduce any action on a group of items then simply use highlighting.
Time dilation – if you need to watch the dummy ragdoll explode or objects physically interact on the playground then turn on time dilation and just watch
Subject tracking – if you need to follow an object and it keeps leaving the camera, then just turn on tracking mode!
Large number of items – more than 100 pieces, from melon to RPG!
In short, the features and capabilities in human playground sandbox and people playground a lot and with each update will be more and more!

In general, Human Ragdoll Playground sandbox is a real people playground and testing ground for creative people and just for those who want to release their emotions, because here you can do what you want! Enjoy the game!

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