Kim Potter Jailed for 2 Years Death of Daunte Wright

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Kim Potter Jailed for 2 Years Death of Daunte Wright

Kim Potter sentenced to 2 years in Daunte Wrights death

Kim Potter received a two-year prison sentence for the April 11 traffic stop death of Daunte Wright. The jury found Potter guilty of both first- and second-degree manslaughter, and the judge did not go over the state sentencing guidelines. However, the defense attorney, Robert Engh, did object to the sentencing and called for a downward departure from state guidelines.

The jury deliberated for almost 27 hours. The prosecution and defence lawyers argued that Potter’s actions were not intentional. Instead, they were accidental and that Wright took off like a jet after shooting Wright. The prosecution said the prosecution failed to present evidence proving that Potter was intoxicated. This was not a racially charged case. Regardless, the verdict is a harsh one.

The jury found Potter guilty of first-degree manslaughter in December of 2017. The prosecution claimed that Potter, a 26-year police veteran, made a fatal mistake and was threatening other people. The defense, however, argued that the woman’s tears may have been a distraction. The jury found Potter guilty of both charges and decided to send her to prison.

The jury ruled that Potter had abused her position by striking Wright in self-defense. The prosecution also argued that Potter was justified in using deadly force to defend her fellow officer. After about 27 hours of deliberation, the jury found Potter guilty of murder. She is currently in jail at the Shakopee correctional facility in Minnesota. If she gets out before the end of the two years, she will be free at last.

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The jury was split on the sentence. The prosecutor argued that the state alleged Potter’s misconduct was an aggravating factor. But the jury said that there was no evidence of a crime. The prosecution presented a body camera video that showed the officer shooting Wright. The footage shows that the officer held the gun for at least five seconds. During the trial, the jury voted to sentence Potter to two years in the death of Daunte Wright.

The family of the deceased daughter Daunte Wright said they were devastated by the outcome of the trial. The family of the deceased child was particularly outraged by the sentence. A jury will likely be sentenced after the hearing of the defendant. The sentences will be determined by the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office. If prosecutors find that a crime is an aggravating factor, it will be deemed an aggravating factor in a case.

Despite the conviction, the jury found that the facts supported a downward departure from state guidelines. While Wright was shot accidentally, she was not attempting to obey the officers’ commands and had an air freshener hanging from her rearview mirror. After investigating the case, the two officers tried to arrest Wright, who had several outstanding warrants. The police were unable to arrest Wright and the suspect was armed with a Taser.

During the sentencing, Wright’s mother said Potter had “murdered” her son. She told the court that she would never forgive the officer who killed her son. She said she would refer to Potter only as “the driver” during the trial. But if she had to, she might have been a lifelong prisoner, and her sentence was deemed lenient by the judge.

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The jury also ruled that the death was not a homicide, and that Potter’s body camera captured the incident. The jury was able to review the footage and found that the officer shot Wright without a warrant. The prosecution said Potter had no memory of the incident and that the police were only responding to the accident. At the same time, the prosecution argued that the officer’s actions were culpable for the death of Daunte Wright.

The jury also found Potter guilty of first-degree and second-degree manslaughter. Initially, he was facing a seven-year prison term. The jury’s unanimous decision in the trial proved Potter’s guilt and the prosecution’s case for the death was very strong. The prosecution cited that Wright was reckless in the moment she hit the pavement and shot Wright.

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