Puzzword – Guess Words&Numbers 30.1.01 MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked)

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Puzzword – Guess Words&Numbers MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Download

Image of Puzzword – Guess Words&Numbers MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application Puzzword – Guess WordsNumbers 28.1.02 MOD APK PremiumUnlocked
Game/Application Puzzword – Guess Words&Numbers Word
Playstore Id com.higgster.puzzword
Version New
Size 50+MB

ScreenShot of Puzzword – Guess Words&Numbers MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application

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Puzzword – Guess Words&Numbers MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application –

Simple but addictive word guessing game, inspired by Wordle / Jotto / Word Mastermind with loads of new features on top and no adverts, purchases or data, ever.

***Game Features***
– No adverts, purchases or data, ever.
– Play offline at any time, as many times as you wish.
– 3700 words in en-GB (British English) and en-US (US English)
– 2000 5-letter, 6 and 7 words in es-ES (Spanish)
– 2500 words in fr-FR (French)
– Puzzle modes for 4, 5, 6 and 7 letter words
– Number mode, with 4,5,6 and 7 digit number puzzles.
– Win statistics, with sharing options
– Winning streak and longest streak stats
– Ability to enter keys in any order by clicking on them.
– Timer and fastest result tracking
– Number total mode where you’re shown the sum of the answer, to help you decipher the puzzle
– 9 colour themes, including a high-contrast theme and “Beeber’s Theme”, aimed at different sight preferences / colour deficiencies
– Persistence so games can continue after closing the app

** Game Options / Toggles ***
– Disable letters that we know are not in the word (makes it harder than Wordle)
– Hide incorrect keys to make the keyboard options smaller and make it easier to visualise than other number or word puzzle games
– Allow submission of non dictionary words to allow for easier deciphering of hard puzzles.
– Toggle to automatically fill in previously correct guesses.
– Haptic feedback option that makes your device vibrate on performing an action
– Option to switch the delete and submit keys
– Option to remove words with duplicate letters

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** Other features ***
– Accessible by default. Big focus on colours and border styles, accessibility labels and touchable areas.- 8 colour themes including high visibility
– Letter cursor on screen to show your current input
– Landscape mode for tablets

***Puzzword Help***
The game is simple. Take up to 6 guesses at a 4, 5, 6 or 7 letter word. For each guess, the results will show which letters are in the correct place (green with a solid border), in the wrong place (yellow with a dashed border) and which are not found in the word.

See https://www.higgster.com/puzzword for more help.

***About Puzzword***
Like the recent Wordle craze, Jotto, or the old game “Word Mastermind” but with a few tweaks. Puzzword has more word sizes, modes that change the difficulty of the game entirely.

***Wordle and More***
Puzzword is not just another Wordle clone. On top of having the core Wordle puzzle functionality, you can make the word puzzles slightly easier by disabling the “dictionary words” option, use 2 hints per game to get free letters and even the ability to remove words that have duplicate letters. Number puzzles have the option to see the total of the values, which changes the dynamic entirely.

***Why it is free***
My aim is to produce a high quality word puzzle game / number puzzle game that everyone can enjoy. It is entirely free and always will be. It’s never going to have adverts or in-app purchases. There is no data collected by the app. It’s also child-friendly as there are no offensive words, which makes it a great spelling game.

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I want to make Puzzword one of the best quality word games / number games on the store, so feedback is truly welcomed and appreciated. There are lots of wordle style games since the popularity of the web version rocketed but Puzzword aims to be head and shoulders above the rest. With more features, more options and a slicker, more accessible UI.

Loads of feedback actioned already, please keep it coming.
Feedback welcome via Twitter @iamthehiggster or email [email protected]
– Added option to remove words with duplicate letters
– Landscape mode returns
– Very niche fixe to “almost found” guesses when multiple in the word
– Added hints
– Added the ability to enter values at any position in the word / number.
– Added the option to pre-fill correct values from the previous guess
– Added timer
– Added a number total option
– Added a cursor, full clear/delete and lots of small ui tweaks

Game/App Requirement 5.0 and up
Puzzword – Guess Words&Numbers Installed 50,000+
Rating of Puzzword – Guess Words&Numbers MOD APK 4.7
Vote 845
ID com.higgster.puzzword


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