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Image of Samurai of Hyuga MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application Samurai of Hyuga 1.0.8 MOD APK PremiumUnlocked
Game/Application Samurai of Hyuga Role Playing
Playstore Id org.hostedgames.samuraiofhyuga
Version New
Size 50+MB

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Samurai of Hyuga is a brutal, heart-pounding interactive tale. Prepare to enter the land of silk and steel, where fantasy clashes against grim reality, and where the good guys don’t always win in the end. It’s a harsh world with tough choices at every turn. Good thing you’re the toughest ronin around.

A bodyguard, an assassin, a savior. Become all those things and more! Will you be able to change your ways and protect those around you? Or will you succumb to your bloodthirst and become the ultimate manslayer? Will you find love or lust? Will you adopt a code of honor, or do whatever it takes to win? Can your spirit survive against your own demons?

Combat, drama, and so much more await you in the first book of this epic series!

• Become a badass ronin, a master manslayer, and reluctant bodyguard for hire!
• Join with your spirit animal to take on mythological oni!
• Face down your own demons in this dramatic, unforgettable adventure!
• Over 140,000 words of interactive fiction!
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Game/App Requirement 4.4 and up
Samurai of Hyuga Installed 100,000+
Rating of Samurai of Hyuga MOD APK 4.5
Vote 3786
ID org.hostedgames.samuraiofhyuga


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