Scary School Simulator 1.8.3 APK MOD


Scary School Simulator APK MOD (Latest Version) Download

Scary School Simulator APK MOD

Game/App ID com.scp.scaryschoolsimulator
Name Scary School Simulator
Requires 5.1
Size Various
Version Latest
Users 28+
Install 100,000+
Rating 3.9

Scary School Simulator Game APK MOD (Latest Version) – Akane and her neighbor Sakura is the high school girl that trapped on a horror and very scary school. There lives an evil yandere girl with a man looking for you, a creepy granny & crazy teacher ghost that is chasing you. You can talk with friends, prank the teacher, survival of the dead zombies, explore the spooky literature club, or go around the haunted school to find a clue for your escape. But be very careful, if you walk closer to the window from your classroom, you could see something that makes your heart go doki-doki…

On a ordinary otome romance school day, Akane schoolgirls find herself on a crazy situation. Her classroom is turned into a dark backroom. There lies many secret, mysteries, and also ghost! Yes, that is true that Akane can also see ghost with her own eyes. At first, she find it hard to study at classroom or at her house. All she can do is escape and keep walking alone. On friday night, her friend Yumi is taking her online in adventure at the abandoned school. Akane can’t refuse, because she know that she is a multiplayer prankster. And from inside, a yandere girl named Sakura follow them silently. Say hello to your new friends!

The dark abandoned school’s corridor is like on a literature horror movies. Descent into the black room, and you are dead. Many cursed eyes monsters, white ghosts, and dead watchers corpses will haunting you around the ddlc maze house, and those cute girls must fight them. Oh, and because this is a school simulation, you also need to interact with your virtual friends and teacher too. Don’t forget to date with your senpai club, because you love him and want to become his online girlfriend on a white days. But you must remember, this game is not a romance love sim. It is a very scary horror school game! And also this anime akane school simulator game is the most scariest anime high school simulators that you’ll ever playing!

– Cute anime school girls and miss teacher lollipop waifu characters.
– Every day is full of chit-chat and fun activities with many funkin’ students.
– Get to know each other with your virtual girlfriend or senpai boyfriend.
– Endless spooky jumpscares around the classroom, city, and hospital.
– Psychological horror where you must find impostor dressed as my friends.
– Enjoy horror school club activities that makes your heart go doki-doki.
– Gacha costumes by watching ads and daily login bonus DLC.
– We have plan to add online multiplayer features soon.
– New Halloween level: escape from granny’s mansion!

More features will be available soon, so download Akane’s Scary School Simulator now for free!

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