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Game/Application Simplest RPG – AFK Idle Game Role Playing
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Version New
Size 50+MB

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Simplest RPG – AFK Idle Game MOD APK (Premium/Unlocked) Game/Application –

Simplicity at it’s finest!
You always wanted to play an RPG but you thought that it’s too hard to understand? Simplest RPG – AFK Idle Game is something that you were looking for!

Start an amazing journey!
Beautiful UI and simple mechanics! Our Idle RPG will delight you with it’s simplicity! You can fight monsters, visit ruins, face other players in PvP and GvG fights, make quests and enjoy MMORPG aspect of the Simplest RPG!

RPG with wide range of customizations!
Create and customize appearance of your character avatar. Mix-and-match statistics and items to fit your combat style. No two players are the same in Simplest RPG – AFK Idle Game!

Form a party of warriors
Create your guild with friends. Make tasks and fight other guilds in GvG to get glory and bonuses!

Contest and events!
Rivalry at it’s finest! Regular contests and event where you can compete for great prizes!

We want every Simplest RPG – AFK Idle Game fan and every mobile gamer to be able to enjoy role play experience of our game! You can fully enjoy our Idle AFK MMORPG without ever spending a penny! Earn every element of the game through sheer victory or speed up progress by premium shop – thanks to this, you support the development of our small studio. Thank you in advance =)

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Climb the leaderboards as you take down challenges, so everyone will recognize your warrior’s legacy! You’ll earn mighty rewards along the way as well.

👹 Will you face the all-powerful boss and defeat him?
🏆 Play the adventure of your life and get glory and fame!
🛡️⚔️ Triumph in PvP battle and become immortal legend!
⚔️ Fight dozens of different monsters!
🌟 Game is free of ads!
🗡️ Complete quests and quick tasks!
💎 Looks great on low-end and high-end devices
📖 Simple text RPG adventure story
🌟 Free-to-play friendly, all players can obtain the best gear with earned in-game gold
🦹‍♀️ Upgrade your items. Blacksmith Margaret will help you with this!
🏆 Create guild with your friends. Conquer this magical world together.
🗡️ Collect rare and unique items! Mighty power dozes in them.
🕹 Nice and easy AFK option for busy you!
🧙‍♂️ Our shaman Sophia will heal you from all injuries!
🏞 Enjoy role play vibes with idle gameplay!

Having trouble? Contact us at [email protected]


Join our discord to be part of an active online community!
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Install NOW and play our AFK Idle RPG today! 📥

Please, enjoy it and have fun! If you have any suggestions to improve our games, feel free and let us know on our Discord, Reddit or via mail. Any feedback is very valuable to us.
It’s a game made by gamers for gamers. If you found a bug – write to us, we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
– This game is for online play only
– You can play it when you’re AFK
– It’s an idle gameplay
– Easter Contest
– Easter Chests
– Offline training fixes
– General fixes and improvements

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Game/App Requirement
Simplest RPG – AFK Idle Game Installed 100,000+
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