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司令官となり最強軍隊を率い敵軍を殲滅する、 新・没入型戦争シミュレーションRPG。






第二次世界大戦中に使用された、数百種類以上の軍事兵器があります。また、起動されていない兵器「VIII号戦車 マウス」、「T-43 戦車」など、実験中や設計途中の伝説の兵器もゲーム内に登場する。兵器製造に必要な図面を手に入れて全ての兵器をコンプリートして、自分だけの無敵軍隊を編成し敵軍を殲滅せよ!








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A new, immersive war simulation RPG that becomes a commander and leads the strongest army to annihilate the enemy army.

After the end of the war, as each country fell into an economic crisis, the mysterious organization “Raven Corps” lurking in various parts of Europe launched an indiscriminate attack on each country with overwhelming military power and ruled people by cruel means. A chaotic society plunges the world into chaos and causes war again.
Through this game, you, the main character, will experience a lifelong death on the battlefield, connect with allies, sweat blood and sweat, and save the world from evil organizations.

Must-see for military fans! A full-scale war game that makes the whole world enthusiastic

[Tension-filled sniper strategy]
1. Reproduce the realistic battlefield environment, sniper the core enemy, and advance the battlefield to your advantage.
2. Full of various guns and sniper scopes. You can select the most suitable weapon according to the battle target
3, easy and smooth shooting control

[1v1 Arena]
1. Defeat other commanders in a fair battle environment, using tricks and tactics
2. As the ranking goes up, you can get luxurious rewards and the highest honor.

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[Season Moscow]
1, the conquest season begins! New battles with new city maps, terrain and strategic fortresses
2. Develop a strategy, destroy enemies, and occupy the Kremlin Palace on a pure white map.
3, new commanders Edward and Ivan will participate in the war, recruit and fight together

[More than 100 types of weapons that actually existed]
There are more than hundreds of military weapons used during World War II. In addition, legendary weapons under experimentation and under design, such as the unactivated weapons “VIII Tank Mouse” and “T-43 Tank”, will also appear in the game. Get the drawings you need to build your weapons, complete all your weapons, form your own invincible army and destroy the enemy army!

[Strengthening and remodeling weapons]
Let’s upgrade the manufactured weapons by strengthening, remodeling, and installing parts!
Weapons can be strengthened from various directions such as main gun, rifling, suspension, side skirt, radar, engine, etc.! Make your own strongest weapon!

[High quality visual]
With 360 ° high-definition 3D graphics and immersive sound, you can actually feel the atmosphere of the battlefield. The design of the building and the terrain of the battlefield are all examined in detail, and you can experience the traces of the war era in the game.

[Attractive battle content]
Fully observe the battle situation with a real-time map.
Skillfully use reconnaissance to ambush the sky castle, aiming for a chance to join the enemy!
You can bring the battlefield with all kinds of strategies such as siege, siege, and decoy!
Fight fierce battles with millions of players from around the world!

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